RUA Board Meetings

Once a month the Redding Ultimate Association holds a board meeting to discuss ongoing events and plan events for the future. These meetings are open to the public, and all are welcome. Please contact our Vice President at for more information about attending board meetings and getting involved.

Our minutes from the past few months are posted here and are open and available to the public. Earlier months are available by request from

  • Minutes from February 2013 (proposed)

    Getting the ball rolling for 2013 events

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  • Minutes from November 2012

    The board holds elections and recaps 2012.

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  • Minutes from October 2012

    The RUA board met at Don’s house for November’s board meeting and discussed RAFUL payment, Red Hot ringers, and more.

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  • Minutes from September 2012

    The board talks about RAFUL payments and Weekend Pickup while looking forward to the Turkey Toss.

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  • Minutes from August 2012

    The RUA board recaps RASUL and Discos Calientes, and looks forward to the fall.

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  • Minutes from July 2012

    The board plans Discos Calientes and RAFUL.

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  • Minutes from June 2012

    The group discusses RASUL which is rocking the house.

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