Minutes from June 2012

June 15, 2012 at 7pm Eric Tener’s house

In attendance were Alicia Young (President), Carl Holcombe (RASUL czar), Eric Tener (at-large), Brian Osgood (at-large), and Pete Gadomski (secretary/VP). These minutes were taken by Pete Gadomski. The meeting was called to order at 7:30pm.

President’s report

Alicia reported that the Red Hots will not be defending their title at CVC due to lack of women. She commented that less unsavory behavior from Parks and Rec employees may help retain more females.


We have 40 people registered for RASUL this year, and the first two weeks have been a general success. During general RASUL discussion, several issues were raised:

  • Captains should include three things in their team emails this week: reminder about Saturday pickup, ask if folks might be interested in a club tourney later in the summer (Discos?), and t-shirt sizes.
  • Carl will check in with Susan Roy to see if anyone was or could have been charged $25 for registration. He will also resolve any discrepancies between the registration list and the city’s published collection total.
  • Carl has collected 6 drop-in fees so far, and will bring all collected money to the city.
  • Alicia will check Becky’s paid status.
  • The group agreed that it would be better for RASUL to handle its own registration next year, instead of delegating the work to the city. That way, we can have a single source for all rostering information, and avoid finance/registration discrepancies like we’ve had this year. Eric suggested that we collect registration receipts.
  • Each team should have a representative at every RASUL/board meeting. Josh’s team was unrepresented.
  • Next year it might be cool to have a weekend final that we publicize during pre- season.
  • Carl will notify all players that there will be no games on July 4th.
  • Pete will track down Matt Lopez’s contact information.

The group discussed personnel issues on RASUL teams. The group agreed to investigate RASUL t-shirts with our extra funds. Carl will look into pricing, and compare vendors, cotton vs. non-cotton, and color vs. single shade. The group agreed that it would be rad to give discs to the champions, so Alicia will set aside 15 for that purpose. The group agreed that it would be rad to have a party a week or two before the championship, probably at a RUA board member’s house. Details will be worked out in the coming months.

Fall pickup

The group agreed to reserve Caldwell Park for fall pickup (not a league). Carl will make the reservation.

Saturday pickup

Alicia will make up and print out some half-flyers to advertise Saturday pickup.


Carl said that he payed for the Red Hot fields with a checkbook and therefore needs no reimbursement from the club. Alicia will confirm. Alicia will reimburse herself for her receipts and notify the treasurer.

Red Hots

Eric was stoked about getting a Red Hots team together for some club play. The group agreed to start gauging interest at Wednesday nights with an eye towards putting a team together for Discos Calientes in August (18th?). If we can get 4 women, we can put together a team.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm. Thanks to Eric for hosting.

Action items

  • All RASUL captains
  • Email your team with the following info:
  • Reminder about Saturday pickup, Enterprise at 6pm
  • Ask them to contact you if they would be interested in playing a club tourney • Ask them their t-shirt size (unisex and women’s, for women)
  • Think about what you’d like to see for a RASUL party • Carl
  • Ask Susan Roy:
  • Soccer goals
  • Was anyone charged $25 for registration?
  • To resolve any discrepancies between reg and $$ collected
  • Notify all players there will be no games July 4th
  • With Eric, talk to Josh about the Randy-Kyle issue
  • Investigate t-shirts, including cotton vs. non-cotton, single-color vs. multi, and vendor
  • Make the field reservation for fall pickup
  • Alicia
  • Check Becky’s paid status
  • Transfer Jon Fouch to Pete’s team
  • Set aside 15 discs for championship prizes
  • Make and print out some half-page flyers for Saturday pickup
  • Confirm that Carl used the club checkbook to pay for the Red Hot fields • Reimburse self for receipts, notify Don
  • Pete
  • Make sure Josh’s team is represented at the next board meeting • Track down Matt Lopez’s contact information
  • Eric
  • With Carl, talk to Josh about the Randy-Kyle issue