Minutes from July 2012

Pete’s house, 391 Smile Place, July 27th 2012 Present: Alicia Young (President), Carl Holcombe (RASUL tsar), Trevor Skaggs (Technology), Pete Gadomski (VP/Secretary), and Eric Tener (at-large, late). Meeting was called to order at 18:25.

Treasurer’s report

Pete reported that the club balance is around $1374, before budgeting any RAFUL costs, but including Carl’s reimbursement for the t-shirts. Alicia, who holds the chequebook, will make sure Carl is reimbursed for his standing expenses. Trevor noted that for large expenses, e.g. t-shirts, we should collect receipts and/or invoices.


Alicia commented that we should be more diligent about collecting drop-in fees, since many folks earlier in the season were charged and it would be unfair to give folks a free pass just because they’re later in the season. Pete thought that we should sit down and discuss the RASUL budget after this year’s league finishes up, especially to discuss if we should subsidize RASUL with other club money or if RASUL should be a money-maker. Carl asked if the top regular-season team should receive a prize, but most of the rest of the board thought it wasn’t necessary. It was decided that during the first round of the playoffs (the semi-finals) the higher-seeded team would automatically win the pre-game toss and pick first. The group decided that the playoffs would be all in one night, on August 8th, due to a high number of absences the following week. Captains should notify their teams of the change and emphasize timeliness. Games will have a time cap (probably 1-1.5 hrs) in addition to a hard cap. Alicia has set aside discs as prizes for the winning team. Trevor will play on BYE in place of Pete for the rest of the season. We will tentatively hold an after-RASUL part August 18th at Eric’s house.


On July 19th, Carl submitted an application to secure field space for RAFUL (the fall league) under the same terms as the summer league. RAFUL will run from August 22nd through Nov 28th, each Wednesday night from 7:30pm to 10pm. Carl will confirm the times and dates and inquire with the city if they’re going to send someone to bother us like they did in the summer. We will plan to charge $20 for full RAFUL registration. Eric asked if we will change the league structure for the fall, and Carll expected that we will probably just play lots of pickup for a bit due to lower numbers. Alicia noted that pickup sucks, and the group kicked around the idea of keeping individual stats (maybe just “won-loss” records for each registered individual) to try to keep up the level of play. No final decisions were made. There will not be t-shirts for RAFUL.

Fall hat tournament

It was unanimously decided that we will hold the second-annual Turkey Toss on Saturday, November 24th, time TBD. Pete and Trevor will be in charge, like last year, and will run a similar tournament.

Red Hots

The group discussed the relationship between the Red Hots club team and the Redding Ultimate Association, especially the financial aspects of the relationship. After a time, it was decided that using RUA cash for Red Hot tournament fees (and possibly other team expenses) was acceptable as long as all transfers were entity-to-entity. It was unanimously decided that the individual tourney fee for Discos Calientes, in August, would be $20, and that RUA would make up the difference (expected to be ~$100). The group discusses the structure and composition of the Red Hots, and it was decided that the team/board would vote or appoint a president and one or two captain/coaches at or after Discos Calientes. Pete will ask the Discos team if they would be interested in playing/practicing as Red Hots after the tournament. Brian will check with Kyle Harper to see if he has sleeping space for our team.


Alicia motion, Trevor second at 19:55.

Action items

All RASUL captains

Notify your team of the one-night playoff on August 8th, and emphasize timeliness Help plan and organize the RASUL party


Submit invoice/receipt for t-shirt reimbursement and domain extension Collect drop-in fees at RASUL Confirm times and dates for RAFUL, as well as our relationship with city money collectors


Once Carl submits invoice/receipt for t-shirts and domain extension, reimburse Bring prize discs to RASUL on August 8th


Ask Discos players if they’d be interested in practicing after Discos is over as the Red Hots