Minutes from August 2012

August 28, 2012 Alicia’s house

Present: Alicia Young (President), Trevor Skaggs (Technology), Josh Fugitt, Monica Fugitt, Brian Osgood, Carl Holcombe, Pete Gadomski (VP/secretary)

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Treasurer’s report

Pete had nothing new to report, and Don was absent again, so we didn’t have much new information on the finances. Carl will check later this week as to when we get our RASUL money from the city. Carl also needs to be reimbursed for the RASUL t-shirts ($727.21) and our domain extension ($60), but can hold off if our bank balance is too small.

Pete needs to be reimbursed for Discos Calientes $120 ($400 less the $280 collected from players). Technology report

Paypal restricts withdrawls to $500 per month, so Trevor will finish cleaning out the Red Hot Hat Paypal account next month.

The group discussed doing more writeups and adding more content to the website, but nothing specific was decided.


Carl provided a final wrap-up from the summer league. More than 40 people were registered by the time the summer finished up, with registration fees of $20 a person. Combined with about $60-$80 of drop-in fees, we probably collected about $920 over the summer (Carl will get us a solid number).

The group discussed things that we learned from this year’s league and changes that we would make for the future. Carl wanted to make sure we deal with the city differently next year, and mentioned that Susan didn’t like drop-ins because it seemed too chaotic. Trevor mentioned that this year was probably a bit of a trial year, and hopefully next year we would have more freedom. The group seemed to decide that the city was ok to work with and that we will probably go through them next year, though hopefully with more autonomy.

Carl mentioned that we ended up settling on a good drop-in policy, where drop-ins were assigned first-come-first-served to teams who needed players for one week only, instead of permanently assigning them, and capping teams at about 10-11 for a week.

Alicia mentioned that at least a few people found out about the league from brochures and other advertisements, so that’s a route that might be worth pursuing in the future. Josh thought the teams were very balanced, which was good, and that the level of play was very fun. Carl was disapointed that we didn’t have more high schoolers.

Monica talked about being a woman on the field a little bit. She said it was ok, though there weren’t many women on the field (usually one per team) and there were a few players who weren’t good at throwing to women. Overall, though, she was happy with the summer.

No big structural changes were settled on for next year…folks seemed pretty happy with how things went.


It looks like RAFUL will be mostly pickup, and Carl said the city wouldn’t have a problem with that structure. The group agreed that it might be nice to have rotating captains who take charge of teams for each week in order to give newer players leadership experience.

We discussed doing player rankings, but someone would have to cook up that structure so we could use it for a Wednesday. If Pete gets a bored evening he might see what he can do.

The group agreed that it might be nice to do some sort of drill or coaching before pickup starts, maybe starting at 7:30 and ending right at 8pm.

Red Hots and Discos Calientes

The group appreciate the tourney writeup from Pete, and Pete gave kudos to Kelly for being a great spirit captain. Alicia liked how we were young, not the best, but the best spirited team out there.

Alicia brought up the point that we need to make Red Hots more accessible and inclusive, especially if we take RUA money. The group discussed the lack of formal Red Hots structure, especially practices, and the fact we don’t have a coach or captain. Trevor suggested picking a tournament or two in the next few months and using those to focus our Red Hots efforts.

The group agreed that RUA should never foot the whole bill for Red Hot tourneys, in order to keep a buy-in incentive for Red Hot players.

Carl suggested picking a trio of Red Hot captains, maybe two experienced player and one newer player, with at least one woman. In the end, it was decided that Trevor and Pete would look into future Red Hot tournaments and coordinate the Red Hots in the interim, until formal captains are chosen.


Alicia proposed that we move what is now Saturday pickup to a new day and time. The group ended up settling on Mondays at 5:30pm as the best time, with Tuesday at 5:30pm as a backup. Carl will check with the city about field availability at those times, and the rest of us will look into other field venues. Until then, pickup will remain at 6pm on Saturdays at Enterprise. Revenue

Carl asked if the club needed to think about raising more revenues. There was general consensus that we’re ok for now. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50pm.

Action items

  • Everyone: look for field space on Monday nights for pickup, attend pickup and Wednesday nights
  • Don: provide balance for the NOVB account
  • Alica: reimburse Pete ($120) and Carl ($777.21)
  • Carl: get the final RASUL accounting, ask the city about field space on Monday and Tuesday nights
  • Trevor and Pete: find some Red Hot tourneys to focus our efforts
  • Trevor: pull out the rest of our Paypal money