Minutes from September 2012

The meeting began at about 6:10pm on September 25th at Pete’s house. Alicia Young (President), Don O’Connel (Treasurer), Carl Holcombe (RASUL/RAFUL czar), Trevor Skaggs (Technology), and Pete Gadomski (VP/Secretary) were present. Pete is taking these minutes.

Treasurer’s report

The group reviewed the snapshot of this year’s finances (pdf). Don noted his approval of using some RUA money to fund the Red Hots as an integral part of the Redding ultimate community.

It was decided that Alicia will keep a checkbook so we have more people able to reimburse for club expenses. This dispersed responsibility won’t add extra complexity because Don gets a printout from the bank every month detailing all transactions, which he can use to maintain a checking account register. It was decided that we’ll start a cashbox registry to better audit those expenses.

Alicia said we still have six 2011 Red Hot Hat discs left that could be sold.

Technology report

Pete presented the new website, and it was accepted by the group. He noted that the new architecture prevents non-techy people from editing the website directly, but as Alicia noted, no one other than Pete was editing the website anyways so that’s not a big loss. Alicia said that she’d send Pete a bunch of pictures that could be used on the site.

Should we make board meeting minutes public?

Pete asked the group if we should make all board meeting minutes public. The issue was raised when he was going through past minutes to put them online, and came across some private discussions that could potentially be inappropriate if made open to the public. Don noted, and the group agreed, and we can just redact those parts of the minutes (possibly by saying ‘The group discussed personnel issues’) while still keeping the minutes public. Pete will do the necessary redactions and then post the rest of the minutes to the website.

Should we use a mailing list?

Pete asked the group if we should create an electronic mailing list that could be used for group communication either in place of or in addition to the Facebook group. Don suggested piggybacking on the old Yahoo group, but Pete suggested creating a new group doesn’t require signing up for a Yahoo account. The board decided that we should create a mailing list and use it in parallel with our Facebook group. Pete will create the mailing list and send an invitation to all emails that the club has collected.


Carl gave the group a solid RAFUL update. He reported that we have 32 registered and paid members of RAFUL.

Carl asked if we should consider transforming RAFUL into a hat league, ala the summer. Trevor noted that there had been a bit of discussion at last week’s Wednesday about a league and if it was going to happen in the fall, and Don noted he also heard enthusiasm for a league. Carl noted that we may be able to get two league games in one night, since we only will have half a season. The group agreed that we’ll use the next two Wednesdays to solicit feedback from Wednesday nighters and see if there’s enough enthusiasm for a league to get one going.

Carl noted that he could use a deputy czar to help set fields, collect money, and deal with other administrivia. Trevor and Don both volunteered to help out as deputy czars, and the group agreed that Eric Drazich could be a great deputy czar as well.

Don asked Carl if we need waivers for RAFUL. Carl said he was pretty sure the city said we didn’t need them, but he will double-check.


A poll was started on the Facebook group that attempted to find a good time for pickup, and it seemed to have settled on Sunday at 2pm. The group agreed that Sunday at 2pm wasn’t ideal, because we would have to change the date (again) come next summer. However, no other time seemed (from the poll) to get the same kind of support that Sunday at 2pm got. The group agreed to provide material support for Sunday at 2pm, but to not make it ‘official’ RUA pickup.

Don noted that we should include a disclaimer when we post about other people’s ultimate, just noting that it is not a RUA event and folks are on their own.

Turkey Toss

It was agreed that the Turkey Toss will be free again this year, with trophies and food provided by the club. The group agreed it would be great to make this event Family Friendly, and Don will see if we can bring on the youth. The group agreed, after discussion, that we will just show up and use the fields at Enterprise, so we don’t have to worry about insurance.

Pete and Trevor continue to be the point contacts for the Turkey Toss and will report on planning progress next meeting.

Red Hots

Alicia would like to start assembling a competitive traveling mixed ultimate team. Alicia proposed, and the group agreed to, organizing a regular Red Hots practice, maybe once a month, that would be pretty much mandatory for anyone who wanted to play in tournaments in the spring and summer. Pete will set up a whenisgood to find a good weekend for the RUA board so we can be assured of good attendance at the first practice. We will then announce the practice at RAFUL and via our media distribution.

Alicia noted we should pick a tourney before the practice, so we have something tangible to work towards.

High school group visiting

Pete mentioned he received an email from a gentleman named Eric Schmidt, a pastor in Hillsboro, OR, who will be in Redding the weekend of November 10th and wanted to join us for pickup on Saturday. Pete emailed him back saying we’d be out there 9am Saturday Novebmer 11th, and that they were welcome to join us.


The group agreed to re-print those little index cards with our website on them for distribution. Don commented that it’d be great to have a big banner to hang in front of high schools to advertise pickup. Don also mentioned that advertising should be a regular part of our discussions, and so Pete will include advertising in future agendas.

Next month’s meeting

Don volunteered to host next month’s meeting, which will be held the last week of October. The Vice President will coordinate timing and announcements for the next meeting.

This month’s meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.

Action items

  • Alicia

    • Get Pete pictures for the website
  • Pete

    • Post all board meeting minutes online
    • Get cones to give to Isaac for Sunday pickup
    • Plan the Turkey Toss
    • Schedule a Red Hots practice
    • Find a spring/summer tourney for the Red Hots
    • Announce Red Hots practice
    • Announce and coordinate pickup at 9am on Saturday, November 11th
    • Include marketing in next month’s agenda
  • Carl

    • Poll RAFUL to see if people want a league
    • Double-check if we need waivers for RAFUL
    • Collect drop-in fees to RAFUL
  • Trevor

    • Help Carl with RAFUL
    • Plan the Turkey Toss
  • Don

    • Help Carl with RAFUL