Minutes from October 2012

Attending this meeting were Alicia Young (President), Don O’Connell (Treasurer), Carl Holcombe (RASUL/RAFUL Tsar), and Pete Gadomski (VP/Secretary). The meeting was called to order at 19:00 on October 29th at Don’s house.

Treasurer’s report

Don reported that the North Valley Bank account received the final payment from our Paypal account, and that the current account balance stands at $1579.94. Pete noted that our RASUL field costs of $490 are still owed to the city, and Carl agreed to get the official final total from the city so Don can cut a check for that amount. Considering all of our cash including petty cash, accounts payable, and considering RAFUL as a wash, our current assets stand at $1209.

Technology report

The group had positive feedback for the website redesign, and no major issues were raised with the look and feel. The group discussed whether we should post a disclaimer when we advertise other people’s pickup, e.g. Anderson’s. In the end, we decided that our website’s directions constituted an informal recommendation, much like a friend’s recommendation of pickup basketball, and so we decided a disclaimer wasn’t necessary.

Pete asked for the group to come to a conclusion on whether we should post RUA board meeting minutes online, and if we do, how we should redact sensitive content. The group unanimously agreed that we should post minutes online. After some discussion, we decided that we should just remove names and any identifying features, but keep as much content as possible in the name of transparency.


The group had a long discussion about RAFUL non-payment. There are a few folks out at RAFUL every week who haven’t payed drop-in or registration dues, and the board is of the opinion that those individuals might have some personal financial situations that would stop them from playing if they were forced to pay to play. The group discussed various options, including an official scholarship program, but ended up deciding that anything to official was a strong response to a small issue. We decided to continue this year at the status quo, where we ask for payment at the beginning of pickup but leave follow-up pestering to the administrator’s prerogative. Next year, we plan to include a sign-up sheet at every week’s pickup, so we can audit our attendance and accompanying receipts.

Pete asked if we’re still playing on Halloween evening. The group agreed to hold pickup on Halloween evening, and that costumes would be encouraged.

Red Hots

Pete mentioned that we have had new interest in the Red Hots since the announcements have gone up online and at Wednesday nights. He mentioned that any and all help is welcome in planning drills, strategies, and other stuff for the first practice.

The group then discussed ‘The Ringer Problem’, i.e. what is a club team to do when a very good player who hasn’t been practicing with the team asks to play in a tournament. In the end, no final decision was made as to the Red Hots policy on ringers, but there was a general feeling that ringers were a negative thing for a team and should be avoided if possible.


Alicia will be making half-sheet posters for the Turkey Toss, and Don will make small cards (funded by a donation). Don also will be making an outdoor banner that can be displayed on roadsides, at sporting events, and the like. Pete motioned, Alicia seconded, that RUA cover the cost of all non-donation funded marketing materials for this cycle.

Don volunteered to contact Nate Fairchild about pushing the Turkey Toss at his school. Don will also confirm that the Enterprise fields are not reserved for the day of the Turkey Toss. While he’s calling, he will also ask about the general guidelines for reservations at Enterprise.

Weekend Pickup

The group (again) discussed weekend pickup. We came to the conclusion that at this point, weekends are not going because no one has been able to own it. No one on the board is willing or able to own a weekly pickup on a weekend. We hope that the Red Hot practices can take the place of weekend pickup at least once a month, because it’s easier to schedule around once-a-month practice than every-week pickup. We hope to try again with weekend pickup next year.


Pete motioned, with Don second and a unanimous pass, that we hold RUA board elections next board meeting, in November. Don proposed that we add a Youth Ultimate Coordinator position to the board, and the idea was approved unanimously. Event co-chairs will also be nominated next meeting.

Field Illumination

Pete presented Josh Fugitt’s (well researched) findings on portable field illumination. The group appreciated the ingenuity of the idea, and discussed for some time how the portable illumination would work. In the end, a few main issues remained unresolved:

  1. During the winter (when Caldwell is closed and, presumably, these lights would be in the most use) do we know if there’s field space that we could use these lights? Many fields close during the winter to allow the grass to regrow.
  2. How much additional cost would the club absorb from transportation and fuel costs for the lights and generator?
  3. How does a portable lighting system compare to field rental at a place like Big League dreams?

The group tabled the idea for the time being, but will revisit the portable light idea when we get a better idea how to answer those questions. Pete volunteered to re-check prices and availability at Big League dreams to see how those costs stack up. Don and Alicia volunteered to check availability at other fields during the winter, including Sequoia and Palo Cedro.

RUA Sweatshirts

Alicia proposed that we buy RUA sweatshirts to sell to club members. Carl noted that he was quoted $17/sweatshirt when he ordered the RASUL t-shirts, and also noted the minimum order for t-shirts was 24. He will check on the price, sweatshirt types, and the minimum order for sweatshirts and report back to the board via email. Alicia noted that we should get ‘non-perishable’ sweatshirts, i.e. without a date or any event on them.

Next meeting

The next RUA board meeting will be held the last week of November or the first week of December. There will be no December board meeting due to the holidays.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:16.