Minutes from November 2012

The meeting was called to order at 6:11pm at Pete’s house, with Eric Tener, Jonathon Wiens, Trevor Skaggs (Technology), Alicia Young (President), Don O’Connell (Treasurer), James O’Connell, Carl Holcombe, and Pete Gadomski (VP/Secretary) in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report

Don reported that he has reimbursed Trevor for his Turkey Toss expenses, and will reimburse Alicia once she submits her receipt. Before those reimbursements, our bank account stood at the same level it did last month, $1579.94. We sold three discs at the Turkey Toss to bring our petty cash totals up to $140.

Don noted that we are coming up on Shasta QA’s annual $500 donation to the club and that Shasta QA’s support has been recognized on a sponsor’s page on our website.

Technology Report

Trevor reported that the PayPal account is cleaned out. He also requested that anyone should feel comfortable sending him feedback on the website’s design and content.


Alicia provided a nice summary of the history of RASUL/RAFUL for the new folks. Carl noted that neither RASUL nor RAFUL has been finally payed for at this point. When Carl provides Don with a final bill from the city, Don will cut the check.

Carl expected that we’ll be charged $420 for RAFUL fields and $37 for the technology fee. With $740 in revenue, we made $283 from RAFUL, by this rough estimate.

Pete offered congratulations and thanks to Carl for putting so much time and effort into the two leagues, and the group agreed.

As part of the history discussion, the group decided that it might be nice to record the history on the website’s ‘About’ page. Don and Alicia offered to do a history writeup and get it to Pete or Trevor to post.

Turkey Toss

Trevor noted that the Turkey Toss went well this year, though numbers were down a bit from last year. Don noted that we didn’t advertise to alumni as much as we did last year. Alicia will compile (again) a list of alumni that can be used for spamming, fund raising, etc.

Don appreciated the format of the Turkey Toss, where individual players improved their own personal record throughout the day. The group discussed the level of play, and whether we should bill the event as ‘family friendly’ next year. Jon suggested that we might want to have a single ‘showcase’ game at the beginning of the tourney, where the good players could get their jitters out; then, the tournament could be more geared to new players.

Alicia noted that we could start marketing the Turkey Toss much earlier, since we know the date way in advance.

Total expenditures for Turkey Toss: roughly $90.

Red Hots Practice

The scheduled Red Hots practice was canceled due to poor weather. After much discussion, the group decided to once again do a WhenIsGood to determine a good date for our first practice, in January, and try the whole shtick again. Pete will coordinate scheduling.

Redding Soccer Park

Pete presented the offer from the Redding Soccer Park to use their fields from 6-8pm on Mondays for a $3/person door fee and a $10/hr lights fee. He noted that we could play from 6-7:30pm for a $2.50 door fee. The group agreed that we wanted to try out the facilities for a couple of weeks and see how turnout would be at the new venue at the new time. Pete will get back to Eric to reserve the fields for a few weeks, and will also ask if RSP does any advertising or marketing. Trevor noted that we should hit up the soccer teams that play at the soccer park to recruit for ultimate.


Don noted that Shasta QA continues to support RUA, and that he will hit up the sponsors of Foothill Little League to see if any of them wants to support RUA. The group agreed that a place like Maxwell’s would be a great place to sponsor for RUA, and everyone was encouraged to look for RUA sponsors.

The group agreed to circulate ideas regarding sponsorship, including contribution levels, returns on investment, etc. This discussion will take place via the board mailing list.

Don noted that the big poster he was going to order is behind schedule due to poor reliability on the part of the printer.


Carl didn’t have anything to report on the sweatshirt front. Alicia encouraged sweatshirts to happen. Carl estimated that the turnaround time for the sweatshirts would be a couple of weeks.

Year in Review

Don brought up the idea of a ‘Year in Review’-type newsletter or collection of articles, detailing our progress this year. Carl will do a write-up about RASUL and RAFUL, Pete and Trevor will do the Turkey Toss. Don mentioned that next year it might be nice to have before the election.


After much discussion, the group decided that folks could self-nominate or nominate others for a slate of candidates, which would be then voted on as a whole unit. After Don mentioned that he only became available during the summer, Jon considered the idea of 6 month terms. The group decided to stick with 12 month terms to decrease confusion from excessive turnover.

The group agreed to add a new officer position, ‘Marketing/Outreach coordinator’, and to remove outreach duties from the President’s docket. The group also decided to nominate a ‘timekeeper’ or ‘taskmaster’ at the start of each meeting, who could be responsible for keeping the meeting on schedule.

The following slate was nominated and elected with unanimous consent:

  • President: Eric Tener
  • Vice President/Secretary: Carl Holcombe
  • Treasurer: Alicia Young
  • Technology: Trevor Skaggs
  • Marking/Outreach: Don O’Connell
  • Youth Coordinator: James O’Connell
  • Red Hot Hat: Alicia Young, Jon Wiens
  • RASUL: Eric Tener, Carl Holcombe
  • RAFUL: Eric Tener, Carl Holcombe, Don O’Connell
  • Turky Toss: Alicia Young, Trevor Skaggs

The new officers assume responsibilities January 1st, at which time all financial records and banking addresses will be transferred to Alicia Young, the new Treasurer.

Other items

Carl raised the question of how the extra money from RAFUL should be spent. The group agreed to defer a deeper discussion of the issue until January, and to develop some sort of spending by-laws to codify funding requirements for Red Hots, RASUL, RAFUL, etc.

Don motioned, Pete seconded, and the motion passed unanimously to defer the rest of the agenda items to January’s board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Action items


  • Provide Don with final bills from RASUL and RAFUL
  • Once Don provides checks, pay for RASUL and RAFUL
  • See how much it would cost to order sweatshirts
  • Write up RASUL and RAFUL review for the Year in Review and send to Pete


  • With Alicia, write up the history of RUA and Redding ultimate and provide to Pete
  • Ask Foothill Little League sponsors if they’d like to support ultimate
  • Pass on Treasurer’s manual to Alicia


  • With Don, write up the history of RUA and Redding ultimate and provide to Pete
  • Compile list of alumni (again)
  • Write up the Red Hot Hat for the Year in Review and send to Pete
  • Pass on President’s manual to Eric


  • Schedule Red Hots practice
  • Schedule pickup at Redding Soccer Park
  • Initiate conversation about fund raiser levels
  • With Trevor, write up the Turkey Toss for the Year in Review
  • Pass on VP/Secretary manual to Carl


  • With Pete, write up the Turkey Toss for the Year in Review