Minutes from February 2013 (proposed)

The meeting was called to order at 19:10 at Pete’s house. Present were Eric Tener (President), Carl Holcombe (Vice President), Brian Osgood (at-large), Johnathan Wiens (at-large), and Pete Gadomski (at-large). Pete Gadomski recorded the minutes.

Treasurer’s report

Carl Holcome gave the Treasurer’s box to Pete Gadomski, who will pass it on to Alicia. Carl reported that we received $615 from the city for fall league registration fees, about $415 of which will go back to the city for field fees. The summer league field fees have already been paid. Alicia was tasked with settling our account for fall league, and Carl will find or get a new copy of the invoice so we can be sure of the amount owed.

Technology report

Trevor will verify our GoDaddy status to make sure our domain will remain current. Pete will check to see if there is a web interface for our board mailing list.

Red Hot Hat

The Red Hot Hat will be held on the 20 or 27th of April. The board was unable to settle on a date, so Alicia and Johnathan have been tasked with picking a date as soon as possible. The group discussed possible themes, including cryptozoology. Pete commented that we need to get artwork soon if we are going to get it onto discs before the tournament.

Red Hots

Pete noted that he is going to start gaging interest for Red Hot tournaments in the spring. He will ask for commitments at practice on Saturday. The group also indicated that we might want to practice twice a month, at least until Wednesday nights start up again.

Year in Review

Carl said he would work on a Year in Review writeup for RASUL and RAFUL. Pete will ask Alicia for her writeup on the Red Hot Hat, then will compile them into a single newsletter. The group recommended that we make the newsletter as short as possible, maybe as short as one page.


Pete will continue encouraging people to put together manuals for their successors. Pete will also resend the VP manual to Carl.

Fundraising levels

The board agreed on fundraising levels, as follows:

Name Amount Description
Supporting < $100 Recognition on our website and Facebook page as a sponsor, disc
League sponsor $200 All of the above, and placement on our summer league t-shirts
Principal sponsor $500 All of the above, inclusion on all publications and flyers, and mention at major RUA events. Potential for other arrangements as well (e.g. after-parties at Maxwells?)


Carl will get a quote from the t-shirt place for a sweatshirts, as well as a minimum order.

Next meeting

Carl will organize the next meeting, to be held in early March. This meeting was adjourned at 20:43.

Todo list

  • Alicia

    • Settle our RAFUL field fees with the city
    • Pick a date for the Red Hot Hat
    • Get Red Hot Hat artwork for discs
    • Year in Review writeup for Red Hot Hat
    • Compile president’s manual
  • Carl

    • Secure a copy of the RAFUL field fee invoice for our records
    • Year in Review writeup for RASUL and RAFUL
    • Get a sweatshirt quote
    • Organize next meeting
  • Trevor

    • Verify our GoDaddy domain status
  • Pete

    • Check to see if our board email has a web interface
    • Pick spring tournaments for the Red Hots
    • Publicize twice-a-month Red Hot practices
    • Compile Year in Review
    • Re-send the VP manual to Carl
  • Don

    • Compile Treasurer’s manual
  • Jonathan

    • Begin compiling Red Hot Hat manual