How to subscribe to our mailing list

The Redding Ultimate Association has a mailing list that we use for general announcements and discussion, alongside our Facebook group. You can always view the latest messages at our mailing list page. If you'd like to subscribe to our mailing list and receive all the latest RUA updates via email, you've got two options.

Option 1: subscribe via the web

If you have a Google account, or if you don't mind getting a free one, you can subscribe to the list via the web interface. Simply go to our mailing list page and click "Join group". You'll be able to tweak how often you receive emails and other settings.

Option 2: subscribe via email

If you don't have a Google account and you don't want one, you can subscribe by sending an email to You'll receive a reply email that will walk you through the rest of the process.

If you have questions or problems, send us an email and we'll help you out.