Red Hots Practice on February 16th

The Red Hots will be holding a practice on February 16th, 2013, 10am to 12pm at Enterprise Park. This practice is open to all comers. We will be going over defense, talking more about the 2013 club season, and scrimmaging.

The Red Hots is a mixed club ultimate team based in Redding, California. Our practices are open to all comers, and we encourage anyone to come who wants to learn more about the game of ultimate. We try to keep practices a good mix of useful drills and strategy discussion with plenty of high-quality scrimmages.

We don’t practice often, so its crucial that anyone interested in playing in tournaments during 2013 makes the effort to be at practice. If you aren’t able to make a specific date, but still want to be able to go to tourneys, be sure to talk to the captains before the date of the practice.

For more information, please email