Discos Calientes 2012 Writeup

The Redding Red Hots brought their Luau down to Discos Calientes 2012 in Chico, CA. We had put together a fun team with a great mix of experienced veterans and enthusiastic new players, and in this writer’s opinion the weekend was a punch-drinking success.


vs Planet Express Ship

Our Saturday began against Planet Express Ship, a fun group of UCLA alumni that we joined for a boat race at the end of last year’s Discos. This year was equally fun, as we traded our fruit punch for their their slurm (sp?) and generally had a great time.

Our team came our fired up on Saturday, with everyone running hard in our killer horizontal stack and playing tight on defense. Matt Bohlin showed his energy and speed on several occasions, pulling down several long hucks in the endzone, many of which were thrown by Mike Baker (IIRC). On the defensive side of the field, we played hard defense on in cuts and made great plays on long throws, including a over-the-defender’s-shoulder D by Kelly Brady in the second half. All in all, this was a very solid game and a great start for our Red Hots.

Final: 15-11(?) good guys

vs Capitol Punishment

The eventual tourney runners-up proved that they were ready to play and they wouldn’t be taking any gruff. We traded points up to a 3-2 game, and then Capitol began to run away with the game. Our defense got some great practice marking up on some high-caliber players. I think this is the game where Carl flashed his mad skills with a HUGE layout (w/ impeccable form, I might add).

Final: 5-15 CP

vs NPR

These guys had the nerve to also wear Hawaiian kit to the tourney, which meant that we shotgun raced to keep on the flowery shirts. This author got smoked by about 2/3 of a can, and so needs to state for the record that he would like to give all future shotgun competitions to Trevor Skaggs.

Dress code issues aside, we went on to play a spirited and competitive game against these folks from Reno. Our offense was a bit hot-and-cold, and to be honest I don’t remember too many specifics from this game (maybe that beer and slurm kicked in harder than I thought)? I do know the game kind of slipped away from us.

Final: 9-15 hula-impostors

vs Dutch Rudder

Jon Fouch and Eric (last name?) rode in on white horses to provide some much-needed fresh legs for our final game against Dutch Rudder. These folks were super-friendly and a ton of fun to play, as they had a great combination of solid handlers and quick cutters. Our women really stepped it up this game, and I remember Steph making a baller layout grab in the downwind endzone for a solid score. However, these guys outmatched us a bit, and ended up taking the game home.

Final: 7-15 The Netherlands

vs The Party

Saturday night a core of the team crashed with James and Brandon at their house in north Chico, and a few of the over-21 sect made their way to the Oasis for the official tourney party. Good times, many beers, and a bike courier ride later, we grabbed a few hours of sleep before Sunday’s games.

Final: James won


vs Gold Country

Gold Country was an older team from the Grass Valley area who were super-nice and well spirited. The wind was a factor in this game, as it was pretty constant and a bit gusty, giving us a chance to throw our freshly-minted Zone D. New faces Zach, Brandon, and Sarah (sp?) made their collective presence felt in the cup of the zone, putting great pressure on a lot of throws. Josh scored many many points this game, as we just couldn’t stop trying to float downwind hucks to him. All in all, this was probably our cleanest game, as we took and early lead and never looked back.

Final: 14-9 us (soft cap)

vs Humboldt

These Humboldt guys and gals always manage to put together some nasty players while taking in all sorts of substances throughout the game. I don’t know how they do it. I do know that they gave us some wicked trouble with their zone, and we never really managed to puzzle it out. There were a few points that our zone O really moved well, and much credit goes to Eric and Brian for really taking charge of the offense. We also saw some baller popping from Monica, Alicia, Kelly, and Rob (just to name a few). Though this game was frustrating, I felt like it was great practice in fighting through tough conditions and working on our throws in the wind.

Final: 6-15 Humboldt

vs NPR (round 2)

Didn’t happen. We watched the finals instead, where Mischief took down Capitol Punishment.

Final thoughts

I had a blast this weekend. I think we all got to mark up on some great players and really improve our cutting and our D. It was also great to play on the same team as all you folks! I hope we can do this again soon.

Cheers, Pete