Red Hot Hat 2013

  • Tentative disc design

    Disc design for this year's Red Hot Hat. Discs were $10 each.

The 2013 Red Hot Hat tournament was held on Saturday, April 27th at Enterprise Park, starting at 8:30am. Pre-registration was $20, and day-of registration was $25.

The Red Hot Hat is always a open-to-the-public hat tournament. You didn’t need to come with a team — you just brought yourself, and we put together random yet balanced teams the morning of the tournament! The 2013 tournament started at 8:30am and ran through the afternoon until 4pm or 5pm.

We provided guaranteed four games, food, hydration, and basic amenities.

Some miscellany:

  • 2013’s theme was cryptozoology; each team was be themed after a different epic creature.
  • We had discs available for order at the fields for $15, pre-ordered discs cost $10.
  • Even if you pre-registered, you had to sign a waiver when you get to the fields. If you were under 18, you needed a parent or guardian to sign the waiver with you.
  • While we encouraged revelry and good times in every form, alcohol was not allowed at the fields.